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Client: Syngenta Canada

Project Type: Video, Training

The quick history of canola seedcare

Most canola growers don’t associate Syngenta with this crop, even though the company has been contributing to their success for almost 20 years. One of the reasons for the low awareness stems from the fact that growers buy their seed already pre-treated and seed companies typically focus on selling different seed varieties rather than treatments.

Syngenta defined a need to raise awareness of its role in canola production at the grower level, as well as strengthen its position as a partner to seed companies. With this in mind, MacGregor Marketing Communications® produced a video highlighting Syngenta’s significant contribution to the success of canola growers, beginning with the launch of Helix® seed treatment in 2000 through the introduction of its most recent product, Fortenza® Advanced.

The animated whiteboard style video quickly engages viewers, effectively telling the story of canola Seedcare™ from Syngenta.

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