Our own special brand of yogurt

Four things make us meaningfully different from many of the other guys. Taken together, they might even qualify as unique to us.


We prioritize making the client happy and delivering a really great product—over making money. 

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We know; profits are a thing, but a focus on making clients happy is a better long-term bet.  

The team has autonomy.


Everyone working here has the latitude to get the job done the way they think best within the context of their role and our business process. With autonomy comes responsibility. The team takes ownership of their work—and that makes the product better.

We strive to be fair, to treat everyone equally, and with respect. 

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This office works as a meritocracy, and everyone here has an equal chance to do great work. When people are treated fairly and with respect, can take ownership of their role, and aren't micromanaged, an interesting thing happens—they enjoy where they work and they tend to stick around.

On a team of eight people, four have been here for well over a decade. Given the industry turnover norm of 30% or more, we have a fantastic competitive advantage over other companies. Our team’s amazing longevity means we know our client’s business inside and out—we do not have to keep re-educating new hires on critical business knowledge.

But there’s one thing that really does set us apart from other agencies, especially in this post Covid age. 

Everyone works in the office. Every day. Within approximately normal business hours. 

Pandemics notwithstanding, we do not work remotely. This means that our team actually works together and functions as an actual team. 

Everything happens in the office, and nothing is expected to happen from home. Once people leave the office—they’ve left work. Friday at 3:00 pm, walk out the door. And never think about the office until Monday at 9:00. No emails, no texts. Absolutely no expectations of any work being done outside the office. 

Hard to believe, isn’t it? If we had to pick one thing that made our work culture unique, it would be that. This—from what we’ve heard anecdotally—is really unusual. Working here really is different from working for other creative agencies. And don’t misunderstand, we understand the benefits of the work-at-home thing. It’s just not our thing. Not our culture, I suppose. 

Like I said, we’re our own special brand of yogurt. 


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