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Client: Syngenta Canada

Project Type: Retail Support, Direct Mail

Bridging marketing and sales

Miravis Ace is a major new product and Syngenta Canada wanted to launch it with great fanfare.

The retail kit we created delivers a fun and engaging “unboxing experience”. As retailers peel back the pull tab and remove the top, they are presented with an oversized letter, which reveals elegant trays echoing the campaign creative. As they dig deeper, they uncover a point-of-sale display and branded hats for the sales team. It’s quite the kit. The mail piece to growers mimics the experience on a smaller scale.

This kit is a great example of a project that bridges marketing and sales. As the agency that crafted the campaign creative, we had been well briefed in the market background, the product’s unique benefits, and the reason why growers would buy. We developed advertising creative that elegantly communicated the key selling message to growers.

The full, expanded view contents of the Miravis Ace retial kit

A complete unboxing experience

A unique and engaging way to introudce a new product to retailers while providing the tools they'll need to educate and sell to their customers.

The full, expanded view contents of the Miravis direct mailer

A direct mailer that relates

In addition to retailer support, branded mailers were sent to a select number of growers. Each mailer contained a deck of cards and a brochure with more information.

A man standing in the middle of a corn field

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A man standing in the middle of a corn field

A new dimension in disease control

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