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Client: Syngenta Canada

Project Type: Creative Development, Video

Creative that sparks imagination

Miravis Neo—broad-spectrum fungicide—is part of the Miravis family and is made up of three active ingredients that provide a new level of protection against leaf diseases and Fusarium in corn. This is big news because the build-up of mycotoxins in disease-infested crops are toxic to both livestock and humans. Controlling these diseases is imperative and treating corn crops with a high-quality fungicide is necessary.

Miravis Neo offers a solution that simplifies disease control for farmers and Syngenta was looking for a way to bring this message to their target audience in a dynamic way.

Our creative team came up with a metaphor that sparks imagination: “lightning in a bottle.” The expression is used to explain a nearly impossible feat.

A truly electrifying visual conveys the message in a simple and concise way.

Flea Beetle and Cutworm Control Made Simple

The power of simplicity

Creative Development, Video

An image of veterinarians, vet techs, and pets emerging from VPs trademark green tote

Thinking inside the box

Creative Development