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What we're doing in response to COVID-19

A rendering of the novel Corona Virus

3 April, 2020


COVID-19 is affecting everyone, everywhere. The human cost is staggering, and like everyone else, my thoughts are first and foremost with those who are suffering, and those whose jobs it is to care for the stricken.

COVID-19 is forcing companies to adapt, sometimes radically, to survive. The media is aswarm with detail—I will not repeat them here, nor will I belabor our company COVID-19 policy. Suffice it to say we are doing everything we can to self-isolate, keep our team, their families and their community safe, while trying to do the best to preserve our business and retain our team.

We will weather this storm.

Though my team and my company’s resilience will be tested, we will persevere. We don’t expect the situation to stabilize anytime soon, and when it does it will not be business as usual.

But we will be there. We will be ready.

And we will help our clients, both old and new, get back on their feet, get back in the game, and get back to business. In the days to come, a reliable partner that can deliver on time, on budget, will be a small but important part in helping to rebuild our economy, our companies, and our lives.

In the meantime, my wish for you and yours is to stay healthy and stay safe.

Gordon MacGregor's Signature

Gordon MacGregor, Principal