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Client: Trillium West
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Be Greater Than

With the website our team was tasked with creating a website that would enable prospects to easily initiate the mortgage they needed for their new home purchase. The website would allow them to connect to a mortgage broker agent through an easy to navigate, human centric user experience.

The homepage for the Greaterthan website


With the homepage we wanted to keep it simple but still be able to capture the essence of the GreaterThan brand. If the user continues to scroll down, they will find the company's about section and then three calls to action to get them engaged with the brand. Towards the bottom of the homepage, users will be able to sign up for the newsletter and explore the brand further on their social media channels. 

Mortgage Calculator

Our team updated the current mortgage calculator to allow users to email themselves their calculator results. This was a great way for users to keep track of their imported data and for the GreaterThan team to capture client leads. We wanted the calculator to be clear, simple, and user friendly. 

A webpage showing multiple input fields which create a mortgage calculator for the Greaterthan website