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Client: Chicken Farmers of Ontario
Project Type: Web Design & Development, Publication

An annual partnership with CFO

It’s always a privilege to work on something as important to an organization as its Annual Report. We were flattered when Chicken Farmers of Ontario asked us to design their 2014 Annual Report in the early days of January 2015. Since then, we have been commissioned to design and produce this keystone communications piece every year.

It’s a big project every year and the client is heavily involved, developing the content while our team works to craft a book that clearly communicates the value of Chicken Farmers of Ontario—in both official languages. The book is unusual in that it’s a great example of recto-verso printing; the book has two front covers, one for each language, and they meet in the middle. It’s an elegant way to produce a bilingual book. The piece is used to update CFO members and remind various industry stakeholders of how important this sector is to Ontario’s economy.

An effective, high-quality stakeholder communication, year after year after year…

A rendering of the 2018 Annual Report

A rendering of the 2017 Annual Report

A rendering of the 2016 Annual Report

A rendering of the 2015 Annual Report

A rendering of the 2014 Annual Report