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Client: Docs4GreatApes
Project Type: Web Design & Development

Donations to a worthy cause

Founded by Dr. Rick Quinn, Docs4GreatApes builds awareness of the critically endangered great apes, and aims to increase capacity for health care in the areas in which the great apes live, through the support of post-graduate training for African veterinarians in wildlife medicine.

Dr. Quinn has walked amongst, and photographed every species of great ape in eight countries and on two continents. He recounts these experiences in his new book, Just Like Us.

With the launch of the book piquing curiosity, not to mention the accompanying interviews, and speaking engagements, Docs4GreatApes needed a new, modern website, to which they could send curious readers and listeners, with a strong emphasis on soliciting donations.

The website,, is nothing short of spectacular and has already started to ‘work’ for our organization. Importantly, despite a compressed timeline, you always made time for my questions, welcomed my feedback, and made sure that I was part of the team. In fact, I genuinely will miss our weekly meetings. The project was finished on time and on budget and it won’t be our last with MMCI.

- Dr. Rick Quinn, Founding Director, 2021

The docs4greatapes website presented on various screen sizes and devices

Like all of our sites, the Docs4GreatApes site features a responsive design allowing users to access the website regardless of device type.

A screenshot of the docs4greatapes website showing the memebership donation levels

A persistent call to action

The new website features a constant call action, with a readily available donation button always visible on the page. In addition, we streamlined the process, to make it easier than ever for users to contribute to the cause. We also added the ability for people to sign up for recurring donations, to generate an ongoing stream of support.

Donating is Easy!

Including easy to select, set donation amounts, and a slider bar facilitates the donation process and encourages larger contributions.

A screenshot of the docs4greatapes donation page on the website

A screenshot of the docs4greatapes website featuring the book

Just Like Us

Because the site launch coincided with the release of the book Just Like Us, it was important to feature the book on the homepage. Not only is it an important initiative for Docs4GreatApes, 100% of proceeds go to support the cause.

An avid photographer with over seven years of direct experience with great apes, Dr. Quinn has amassed a library of excellent images of the great apes from two continents. He was able to supply us with a wide variety of high-quality photos from the book, to use on the site. We took this into account during the design phase of the project in order to come up with a look that both complimented and showcased these spectacular images. Not only do they contribute to the visual appeal of the site, seeing what they’re supporting encourages users to donate.

A chimpanzee in the jungle looking skyward

A screen shot of the Optimum Combination selector tool found at

With the website ready to launch, we developed a direct mail campaign that included a letter from Dr. Quinn accompanied by an eight-page brochure. The brochure provided a rich exposé of the who, what, where, why and how, while the letter served to entice the reader to become a member and donate.