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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development, Video

A new
in disease

The introduction of genetically improved seed has given corn growers the ability to control pests with a reduced reliance on insecticides in their crop. This serves as a financial and environmental benefit to farmers. Agrisure Duracade represents a new portfolio of trait technology for the control of insects from Syngenta. It offers new modes of action and the broadest spectrum of insect control available.

In a market where this segment has been dominated by the likes of Monsanto (now Bayer) and Pioneer (now Corteva), our client was open to unconventional thinking. Syngenta wanted to disrupt the notion that growers were shackled to these big ag companies to solve the insect problems in their corn fields. To this end, we created a provocative ad campaign based on changing the perception growers have of the current traited seed landscape—shaking things up a bit to get them to rethink their options.

An engaging visual that bends reality and intrigues audiences—moving the Agrisure Duracade brand forward.