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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development

New beast in town

Our client, Syngenta, has a portfolio of products that have been heavily reliant on Group 1 chemistries (Axial & Traxos). However, many growers alternate between Group 1 and Group 2 chemistries to manage resistance in wild oats. Syngenta understood that this can complicate decisions for growers, and with a reputation for industry leading service and support they wanted to maintain their position as preferred supplier. This led to the introduction of Erebus Xtreme. This cross-spectrum premix is unique in the market and is an important addition to the Syngenta portfolio. They needed an equally impressive creative to go along with it.

A print ad depicting a severed rope attached to a broken wooden post in the middle of a farm

Print Ad

For this creative, our team played off the Traxos concept, but this time with a 1980's style movie poster. We wanted to again showcase how “scary” this new product, Erebus Xtreme, from Syngenta could be to tough grass and broadleaf weeds. There’s A New Beast In Town was a great creative concept to portray the deadly effects Erebus Xtreme has without compromising resistance management or your crop rotation.