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Client: IGPC
Project Type: Brand Identity

IGPC Brand

IGPC Ethanol came to MacGregor Marketing Communications with an interesting challenge. They needed to reposition themselves with farmers as a value-added feed supplier—when they were known as an ethanol plant. IGPC had made a significant investment in technology that upgraded DDGs into high protein, high value products—products that carried a better margin than dried distillers grains.

The first step was to understand the market. Once we had helped IGPC define the product and the target audience, we were able to develop positioning statements for both divisions that clearly oriented them toward their respective target audiences. This solid understanding enabled us to clearly define the IGPC Feeds brand, starting with the new logo.

A brand is more than just a logo, and our preliminary work enabled us to develop the brand story. This forms the core of the brand guide and anchors the graphic definitions by relating the visual syntax of the brand back to IGPC’s image of themselves. The result defines the essence of the IGPC brand.

The three different depictions within the IGPC logo

An icon to accurately represent IGPC

The icon we developed for IGPC represents IGPC as a whole, and it depicts the stages of ethanol production. The first stage is a harvest-ready corn field in Ontario. Next we have a kernel of corn, harvested and ready for processing. Finally, we have a drop of ethanol, the product of all of IGPCs hard work.

The three IGPC Division Logos

Differentiation between divisions

The divisions needed to look different, yet still be part of the same family. In order to meet the goal, we created simple tags for each division, changing the colour between them—blue for ethanol and orange for feeds. Additionally, the dot on the "i" picks up the division's colour, further reinforcing the differentiation.