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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development, Video

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Our client, Syngenta, came to us with a new product called Miravis Ace. It is part of the Miravis family and is made up of a combination of ADEPIDYN and propiconazole in a premix formulation. Miravis Ace fills a gap in the Syngenta product line, completing a strong cereal crop portfolio. We knew for this creative concept we wanted to showcase how Miravis Ace “fills a gap” and helps growers to boost yields and protect quality.

Print Ad

Luck had nothing to do with it!

Creativity and brainstorming amongst the team allowed us to show all our cards with this concept. We wanted to showcase how Miravis Ace was able to “fill in a gap”.  With this creative we wanted growers to understand how they could make their crop come up aces with best-in-class Fusarium protection. 

A print ad depicting part of a farm field being lifted up to reveal a giant ace of spades underneath