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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development, Video

Creative that sparks imagination

Miravis Neo—broad-spectrum fungicide—is part of the Miravis family and is made up of three active ingredients that provide a new level of protection against leaf diseases and Fusarium in corn. This is big news because the build-up of mycotoxins in disease-infested crops are toxic to both livestock and humans. Controlling these diseases is imperative and treating corn crops with a high-quality fungicide is necessary.

Miravis Neo offers a solution that simplifies disease control for farmers and Syngenta was looking for a way to bring this message to their target audience in a dynamic way.

Our creative team came up with a metaphor that sparks imagination: “lightning in a bottle.” The expression is used to explain a nearly impossible feat.

A truly electrifying visual conveys the message in a simple and concise way.