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Client: Nutram
Project Type: Web Design & Development

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food the whole
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We have worked with Nutram on the Nutram brand for over a decade; as their business grows and evolves, so do their website requirements. This iteration of the global Nutram website is our third. Designing a website demands a clear understanding of both function and form. It‘s all about the user experience. It calls for easy, intuitive navigation—keeping in mind how Nutram shoppers think—while bringing visual appeal through brand recognition.

The site boasts a custom CMS, is responsive, CASL compliant, AODA compliant, multi-language, and not only supports consumers the world over, but also supports distributors and retailers via a log-in portal. For the consumer, the site is an effective digital catalogue with product, ingredient, and nutritional information. Behind the scenes, the site helps support the ever-growing base of trade partners and distributors. This custom site offers different functions for different stakeholders all within one platform.

A computer monitor displaying the Nutram website. A rocky mountain river scene is in the backgorund

The product selection screen at

Intuitive, easy-to-find product

We covered all the bases in helping users find their product. Incorporating the Nutram Numbers and high-quality images, users can find specific products quickly and easily. Nutram can add or remove products as needed, with minimal effort.

The information users need when they need it

The product pages have been set up so that users get the right information. Users can learn about specific points of each recipe or get the broad strokes all on the same page.

The product page for I20 at