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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development, Video

Get into gear

Syngenta approached our team with a new product that was ready to market. Orondis is a powerful fungicide used for disease control in a wide variety of horticultural crops. It is a relatively new market entrant with a unique mode of action that has seen success in the areas where it has been adopted. The unparalleled length of disease control provided by Orondis allows growers to alter their spraying schedule giving them more time for other activities.

Print Ad

With this concept our team put together an image of fruits and vegetables shaped as gears and inserted the Orondis logo into the sequence. This showcases how Orondis fits right into the horticultural crops. Orondis is the gear that drives growers' disease control, it’s the perfect fit. 

A print ad depicting a bunch of vegetables shaped as interconnected cogs with one cog being the Orandis logo