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Client: Nutram
Project Type: Product Packaging

Product packaging done right

Trusted in over 30 countries worldwide, Nutram’s pet food is recognized for its holistic ingredients. Creating a consumer package that is visually pleasing while also easy to navigate through several levels of information brings layers of complexity. The Nutram product line encompasses 22 product types over 54 SKUs. After a number of market challenges relating to product packaging, MacGregor Marketing Communications® was tasked with redesigning the entire line.

Eliminating confusion by making sure consumers understand the benefits of each formulated recipe was the key objective. The use of colour blocking, different dog and cat breeds for each offering, a unique formula number for easy reference, and keeping the information clear for a global market all played an integral part in designing a cohesive brand look while creating an engaging buying experience. Nutram put their faith in our firm, and we delivered a challenging project—on time and on budget.

A composition of Nutram kibble, 5 different bags and 3 different cans of Nutram pet food

A close-up pile of kibble

The smallest details create the bigger picture

Great design takes every piece into account. Working with our photography partners, the arrangement of kibble in the photos was made with painstaking detail, ensuring each composition effectively represents Nutram's high-quality standard...because even the smallest details matter.

A system that does all the work

Through the use of colour coding paired with specific dog and cat photos for each product, we successfully developed an engaging, memorable, and easy to understand system that keeps customers and Nutram's global distributors happy.

All sizes of Nutram Sound S5 and Nutram Ideal I20

A collage of three images depicting Canada from coast to coast

Made in Canada

One of the major selling features of Nutram—both at home and abroad—is that it's made in Canada. As such, the inspiration for the product colour choices are inspired by the diverse Canadian landscapes. Nutram Sound colours are inspired by the warm colours found in the Prairies, Nutram Ideal is inspired by the vibrant colours of the maritimes, and Nutram Total colours are inspired by the natural colours found in the Rocky Mountains.