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Client: Hutchinson Acres
Project Type: Product Packaging, Brand Identity

Maple syrup made for everything

Hutchinson Acres was at a pivotal point in their lifecycle—they had decided to expand outside of the traditional maple syrup market with the introduction of a new product: A certified organic, infused maple syrup.

Their proprietary process left the flavours of the ingredients behind without sacrificing the high-quality of their maple syrup. It was perfect for adding depth and complexity to everyday recipes.

Together, we developed a brand position, a new packaging system, in-store point of purchase, and sales-collateral to help their sales team get more product onto grocery store shelves.

Comparing two different bottles of infused maple syrup

A group shot of all four flavours

Finally, maple syrup made for everything.

The positioning brought maple syrup out of the realm of breakfast topping, and into the space of high-quality cooking ingredient used to bring your dishes to the next level.