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Client: Sevita International
Project Type: Publication, Design

Sevita Seed Guide

When Sevita International asked us to revamp their website for the 2017 selling season, we had a huge task to accomplish in a limited timeframe. As we began the process, the company was so impressed with our work that we were granted the advertising campaign for the 2017 season as well—more work with an even shorter timeframe for completion.

We proved equal to the task. This was a perfect opportunity to create an advertising campaign and produce a catalogue that mirrored the refreshed branding and content organization that we brought to the website. Seed guides are a challenge to organize, but Sevita heeded our suggestion to reorganize the product lines into three sub-brands that clearly differentiated varieties by their benefit, adding clarity that enabled the Seed Guide to become an effective selling tool in the hands of the reps.

The integrated campaign had all elements working together to promote that season’s selling messages. We were back for the 2018 season, working with Sevita as they changed focus and direction. We’ve been with Sevita ever since, helping sell conventional and identity preserved soybeans to farmers in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Added clarity has enabled the Seed Guide to become an effective selling tool in the hands of the Sevita's sales reps.

The 2020 Seed Guide, titled 'Turn higher Yields into Higher Returns'

The 2019 Seed Guide, titled 'With you every step of the way'

The 2020 Seed Guide, titled '2018 Product Guide'