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Client: Springer's Meats Inc.
Project Type: Product Packaging, Brand Identity

The product delivers what the package promises

Springer’s Meats is a family owned, federally inspected meat processor specializing in hams, deli meats, sausages, smoked meats—the mouth watering list goes on. They are great people with great products and it is a real pleasure to work on their business.

We had the pleasure to develop a new retail packaging system and have executed a consistent look across a wide spectrum of packaging production types based on the new brand look and package system we originally developed. Technically it’s very challenging to maintain colour consistency as it was not a simple design to reproduce. Ultimately it has been worth the effort—the brand looks great and effectively sells product.

A comparison of the old product packaging to the new.

Pork and Beef Wiener product shot

Spicy Debrecziner sausage product shot

Mild Debrecziner sausage product shot

The Hot Pepperoni Styxx product packaging

A smoked Pork Picnic Shoulder product shot

We developed high-quality packaging that costs exactly the same to produce as before, elevating the product status without affecting input costs.