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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development

Traxos terror

Our client, Syngenta has a history of leadership in the category of graminicide (grassy weed control) with industry leading brands that have provided a strong foundation for their business. Their product, Traxos, was originally introduced as a lower cost alternative for growers. By providing incredibly fast control of wild oats and sharp control of a broad range of grassy weeds, Traxos is now recognized as a high performance weed control. Syngenta wanted to retain and regain grassy weed control share in wheat and needed an optimal creative to deliver that message.

A print ad depicting a broken collar with a chain attached lying in the middle of a wheat field

Print Ad

For this concept our team created a 1950's era movie poster for the Traxos Terror. With this concept we were able to portray just how tough and scary Traxos can be to wild oats. When you unleash Traxos into your fields it cleans up your cereal crops and stops wild oats right in their tracks. Our creative really speaks to how “terrifying” Traxos can be and speaks to why wild oats should be scared once Traxos enters the picture.