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Client: Syngenta Canada
Project Type: Creative Development, Video

Full of tricks

We helped Syngenta put an end to the wireworm’s yield stealing tricks with this creative concept. With a new product to market, Syngenta approached us to create a print ad that promoted their all-in-one insect and disease protection. We used our bag of tricks to create a fun concept that captured how Cruiser Vibrance Quattro was the solution to curbing wireworm feeding.

Print Ad

Just like a magician has their tricks so do we! Our team worked together to create a concept that not only had fun and playful imagery, but a strong message attached to it. With this ad we were able to help growers understand the impact Cruiser Vibrance Quattro can have on their cereal crops. And have a little fun too.

A print ad depicting an illustration of 2 wireworms with one casting a fishing line into a hole in the ground while the seed in the ground redirects the line around and back into the other wireworm