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Client: Veterinary Purchasing
Project Type: Creative Development

Thinking inside the box

Veterinary Purchasing is Canada’s single largest veterinary distribution centre in the animal health industry and delivers over 1,200 orders daily across the province of Ontario. On VP’s busiest days, close to 9,000 totes are shipped.

Our challenge was to define VP’s brand identity and remind Ontario vets why they joined the co-operative in the first place. It was imperative to emphasize that VP delivers more than veterinary medical supplies to vet clinics, but also a myriad of useful business services. Finding a container—figuratively and literally—to convey this message consistently, drove the ideation. The iconic green tote was the perfect symbol to capture the benefit: “VP Delivers.” With a solid campaign successfully defining the visual syntax of the brand, a series of ads and marketing collateral were used to reach VP’s target audience.

An ad featuring the image of veterinarians, vet techs, and pets emerging from the VP's trademark green tote

Focus on what's important

VP does what it does, so that veterinarians can do what they love—practice veterinary medicine. The visual highlights the key stakeholders in a typical vet clinic, the VP member, the partner veterinarian, the vet techs, and of course, the patients.

Easy access to great services

At its core, VP is a distribution and logistics centre—and it does it well. Delivering thousands of products each and every day, ensuring Ontario's veterinarians have what they need to treat their patients and service their customers. This visual focuses on the front-line workers and how they work hard to support the Ontario's veterinary industry.

An ad featuring the image of employees and the VP warehouse emerging from the VP's trademark green tote

An ad featuring the image of construction-related objects emerging from the VP's trademark green tote

Invoices and statements by email

VP is building some new digital infrastructure, and along with that comes the added benefit of being able to receive some key documentation by email. We leveraged this change for some important messaging to VP's members about the upcoming changes, letting them know that there may be a few “bumps in the road.”

Complimentary veterinary practice consultants

VP has a team of consultants ready to help its membership run its clinics more efficiently. After all, veterinarians went to vet school, not business school. This creative, shows the consultants interacting with various stakeholders around a vet clinic including veterinarians, vet techs, and business managers.

An ad featuring the image of the Executive Service team helping out veterinarians and business managers emerging from the VP's trademark green tote