our client: Rootham Gourmet

project type: direct mail

A great way to reach potential customers

Recognizing an increase interest in locally made and sourced, small batch condiments, Rootham Gourmet saw an opportunity for expansion. The only roadblock was finding a way to directly reach potential customers and show them what a co-packing project with Rootham Gourmet could offer.

The plan was to get a direct mail package into the hands of prospects

rootham img

A small sample of Rootham’s product and a pamphlet describing the co-pack service was sent to every Ontario fruit and vegetable farmer with an on-farm market or a stand at a local farmers’ market.  This works out to about 700 different prospects.

35 new clients
+ 20 pending

7% response rate


As a result of the direct mail campaign, Rootham Gourmet gained a significant number of new clients. In only two short months, they were able to expand their production from three days a week to five, increased the hours of their existing employees, and hired new staff.


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