our client: Syngenta Canada

project type: creative / video

A new golden era

Syngenta, was launching a new pre-mix fungicide combined the power of Adepidyn with the tried and true effectiveness of prothiocanizole. This pairing does and excellent job of protecting wheat crops from fusarium head blight, a devasting disease that impacts both yield and quality. We were approached to develop the launch creative.

We developed creative that focused on the promise that Miravis Era makes, long-lasting protection from fusarium head blight, leading to better yields and a more prosperous yield.

A golden era starts now

Our team worked together to build a creative concept that was truly “reflective” of a new era. Our goal was to showcase how Miravis Era was creating a new era for growers not just with our creative but our copy as well. 

Miravis Era creative ad


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