our client: Reinforced Earth Company Ltd.

project type: creative / campaign

Illustration of the big bad wolf trying to blow down a house made of stalks and failiing

A storybook ending

Moddus is plant growth regulator from our client Syngenta. Moddus helps prevent lodging by increasing stalk strength resulting in a sturdier plant that can hold up a high yielding crop. As a new product, Syngenta was looking for some creative to support it’s launch.

Our team worked together to brainstorm ways we could showcase the strength of stalks when using Moddus – and thus the big bad wolf GIF was born.

Moddus creative ad

With this creative we took inspiration from the classic children’s character the big bad wolf. We used an animated gif in various forms of banner advertising to demonstrate how strong the stalks were once growers used Moddus – not even the big bad wolf could blow them down! 


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