our client: Chicken Farmers of Ontario

project type: website

An annual partnership

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) supports farmers with ongoing education, resources, and research to ensure they have access to the latest research, knowledge, and skills in the chicken industry so they can produce the best products possible.

Each year CFO holds their AGM. For almost 10 years we have had the privilege to design and produce keystone communication pieces, including their dedicated Annual Report website.

Their Annual Report website is a big project every year and the client is heavily involved in the process. The website, along with various additional  communication pieces, is used to update CFO farmer-members and remind various industry stakeholders of how important this sector is to Ontario’s economy.

CFO annual report webpages collage_

A new version every year

CFO 2020 annual report website design banner_
CFO 2020 annual report website design homepage_
CFO 2021 annual report website design homepage_
CFO 2021 annual report website design CEO message_

Our team works to create a new microsite design each year with direction and input from the client. Each year we are also responsible for designing and producing any elements that reflect the annual report for their AGM. From posters to brochures, to stickers and flyers, our work with CFO is a joint effort with our internal team and their marketing team. 


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