our client: Nutram Pet Products

project type: tradeshow

Nutram tradeshow marketing booth display

Bringing brands to life with compelling booth design

Nutram is a Canadian pet wellness company that provides holistic pet nutrition in over 30 countries worldwide. We collaborated with them to develop the visual identity for their trade show booth at the 2022 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. Nutram wanted to utilize this space to attract new distributors and generate brand awareness among attendees. The project involved designing graphics for the booth space that reflected the brand’s Canadian heritage and their holistic approach to pet nutrition.

At the core of our design philosophy was Nutram's Canadian heritage and their commitment to crafting holistic pet food using all-natural ingredients.

Nutram tradeshow marketing booth
Nutram tradeshow marketing booth
Nutram tradeshow marketing booth
Nutram tradeshow marketing booth

Guided by Nutram's brand principles, we created graphics that resonated with the iconic landscapes of Canada, evoking a sense of natural beauty and wholesome living. Complemented by a vibrant and bold color scheme, these graphics effectively represented the brand and conveyed its underlying ethos, making Nutram's mission clear to all who encountered the booth.


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