our client: Ampersand Printing

project type: creative

Ampersand creative print ad showing a slice of real pizza being pulled out of a magazine picture of a pizza

Delicious creative

Ampersand Printing, a leading, full-service printing company, engaged us to develop a brand strategy and an integrated marketing campaign, both aimed at repositioning the company in a competitive market. The project also involved designing the campaign creative and building a comprehensive asset library to support a range of marketing initiatives.

Creative that jumps off the page

Our primary goal when designing the campaign creative was to visually highlight Ampersand’s exceptional printing capabilities. This advertising creative defined the campaign message for all digital and print marketing tools.

Ampersand creative ad

We curated an extensive asset library by combining on-location and in-studio photography and videography. These assets were used across various marketing materials, including the website, product and service brochures, landing pages, and components of direct mail campaigns.

Ampersand photography rigidbox
Ampersand photography custom gamebox
Ampersand photography print materials
Ampersand photography various print material
Ampersand photography cutting table
Ampersand photography digital printer
Ampersand photography full shop
Ampersand photography a person proofing


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