our client: Ontario Bean Growers

project type: branding

Ontario Bean Growers brand design


It’s challenging for a commodity board to change the way consumers think about dietary staples—like edible beans. Our first task was to work with the OBG Executive to build on their in-depth market survey work and leverage that knowledge into refining a consumer target profile and defining a defensible, actionable brand position.

A handmade feeling

The Better with Beans brands represents the fun, accessible, and versatile nature of beans. It portrays a hand-made feeling while being warm and welcoming.

Ontario Bean Growers brand design_

Your culinary adventure starts with beans

Better with Beans focuses on the international versatility of beans as an ingredient, empowering families to explore the world from the comfort of their own kitchen. We developed a recipe book containing a collection of recipes from around the world. The recipe book was styled like an adventurer’s journal, highlighting the places travelled.

Ontario Bean Growerss branding on a paper bag

Your passport to better recipes

Collage of Ontario Bean Growers brand and logo designs

We developed a series of passport stamps to help identify the country of origin for specific recipes.


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