our client: Syngenta Canada

project type: creative / video

Launching a new application technology

Our client, Syngenta, is a leader in turf grass management. They supply a wide-ranging portfolio of highly effective products that help to maintain quality playing conditions. In order to improve the application efficiency of their products, Syngenta developed a new formulation technology called exoGEM. And we were tasked to develop some launch material

With video support from the client, we developed a 2 minute video that shows how exoGEM technology works and how it benefits golf course superintendents. It was framed as if it is a tangential thought within a golf broadcast. This appeals to our turf-related audience, and adds an element of humour to the video.

Shifting the perspective on what’s important

With the creative, our team wanted to ensure that superintendents understood that importance of their turf and why precision and accuracy weren’t just important for their golf game but also for the turf they played on. The idea was to make to the turf the focal point, focusing in on the idea that success starts with your turf.

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