our client: Hutchinson Acres

project type: packaging / branding

The Hutchinson Acres product packaging design bottles lineup

Maple syrup made for everything

Hutchinson Acres was at a pivotal point in their lifecycle—they had decided to expand outside of the traditional maple syrup market with the introduction of a new product: A certified organic, infused maple syrup.

Their process leaves the flavours of the ingredients behind without sacrificing the quality of their maple syrup. It’s perfect for adding depth and complexity to everyday recipes.

Together, we developed a brand position, a new packaging system, in-store point of purchase, and sales collateral to help their sales team get product onto grocery store shelves.

Hutchinson packaging design comparison

Finally, maple syrup made for

The positioning brought maple syrup out of the realm of breakfast topping, and into the space of high-quality cooking ingredient used to bring recipes to the next level.

Hutchinson product packaging design lineup


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