our client: Nutram Pet Products

project type: point of purchase

a nutram POP, retail display

POP display to hang your hat on

Nutram Pet Products has recently launched a new line of puree treats for cats, and it was decided that the most effective way to showcase these products in a retail environment was using a hanging product strip. The retailer demand for the products was incredibly high, so these needed to be in stores fast. So we managed everything from design and functionality all the way through delivering them to members of the sales team to various locations across Canada.

A custom POP display will always present your product better in a retail space

Four loaded POP retail display units

This lineup consists of 4 recipes of cat treats that focus on Optimum Combinations™—ingredient pairings that help deliver holistic benefits beyond wholesome nutrition. This POP display needed to accommodate up to 12 products with a graphic that would complement the packaging for all the available recipes, no matter the configuration of the products on display.


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