our client: Veterinary Purchasing

project type: direct mail

Outside the tote

Veterinary Purchasing (VP) is a co-op organization owned solely by licensed veterinarians to purchase animal health products and hospital supplies for distribution to its owner-members. They are North America’s largest single distribution facility in the animal health industry. VP wanted a way to promote the veterinary business support services (Executive Services) that are available to their members, and came to us for help. We proposed the “Green Tote Campaign”.

Our primary goal was to increase the number of calls that the Executive Services team received. Secondly, we wanted to make the Executive Services team more recognizable to veterinary clinics.

We leveraged VP’s distribution system to deliver the marketing message.

The animal health products VP distributes are primarily packaged and distributed via courier in green totes. This provided a unique opportunity; we could distribute literature without the usual mailing cost associated with direct mail. We also had branded and established distribution channel that would reach our entire target audience without any excess.


Messaging that sticks

vptote allstickers final_

Stickers were applied to the outside of the totes, each picturing an Executive Service consultant and framing a different issue that could be resolved with the help of the team. These reusable totes travel to and from different practices regularly, so members would eventually see each of the nine different stickers.

It’s what’s inside that counts

vptote inside_

Further information was also distributed within the green totes. First an information flyer was sent out, followed by cards, sent out every three weeks over a six month period.

“We’ve gone from one inquiry call per quarter to over sixty per week since the campaign began. The response has been phenomenal—it’s far exceeded our expectations. When I walk into a clinic, they all know exactly who I am and why I’m there.”

-Aaron Eckler, VP Executive Services Consultant


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