our client: Sevita international

project type: direct mail

Sevita direct mail marketing campaign materials

Personalizing sales through direct mail

As part of their 2020 campaign, Sevita asked us to create and execute a pretty complex direct mail campaign. This included three different mailings: one to their past customers, current customers, and prospective customers. Each mail wave included a seed guide, a personalized letter, and a dedicated response card. And each mailing contained specific callouts for people who grew food-grade and a separate callout for those who grew traited.

Our creative team designed a series of images that showed the soybean from a little bean to the full plant. 

Sevita direct mail marketing booklet and envelopes

The series of images were each used on a separate piece of the overall campaign, creating a full circle moment when each piece was displayed together.

Targeted regions with specific content

Sevita direct mail marketing handout Ontario
Sevita direct mail marketing handout Quebec

In partnership with the mail house, we were able to utilize variable printing and create packages based on Sevita’s sales regions. Each region bundle was personalized with an image of the sales rep, their information, and a list of soybean varieties specific to the grower depending on if they were a food-grade or traited soybean producer.

In the end, Sevita’s direct mail campaign was a success. 

Their pieces reached new and current audiences and gave them all the information they needed for a successful growing season in one creatively designed package.


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