our client: Nutram Pet Products

project type: packaging

Nutram wet food product packaging design for mobility+ and digestive+ formulas

Pet food packaging that goes beyond the bag

Year over year, the pet food industry continues to experience incredible growth. Following our successful partnership in redesigning Nutram’s current product line, we worked with Nutram to develop the visual identity for their new wet food line for cats and dogs, and design packaging for three new product formats comprising of tubs, split cups, and tubes.

Nutram wanted the packaging to complement their dry food lineup, while emphasizing the brand’s use of natural ingredients and their functional health benefits.

Nutram wet food packaging design full lineup

These objectives were achieved through a combination of strategic design elements. We used images of the recipes’ key ingredients and matching hues from the dry food range to create a complementary and cohesive brand look. We leveraged product names as callouts to highlight the functional health benefits of the recipes—this approach helped us address the challenge of limited space on wet food containers, while effectively conveying the message of health and quality to consumers.

The end result? A fresh and exciting new product line that complements Nutram’s existing product portfolio.

With packaging designed to attract consumers looking to add variety to their pets’ mealtime.


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