our client: Nutram Pet Products

project type: packaging

Nutram product packaging design on a nature background

Product packaging done right

Nutram needed a complex package system that was visually pleasing, easy to navigate through several levels of information, and geared toward an international audience.

At the time, the Nutram product line encompassed 22 recipes across 54 SKUs. After a number of market challenges relating to product packaging, we were tasked with redesigning the entire line.

Nutram product packaging design

Through the use of colour coding that was inspired by the different landscapes found in Canada, paired with specific dog and cat photos for each product, we successfully developed an engaging, memorable, and easy to understand system that keeps customers engaged and Nutram’s global distributors happy.

The smallest details form the bigger picture

Working with our photography partners, the arrangement of kibble in the photos was made with painstaking detail, ensuring each composition effectively represents Nutram’s high-quality standard…because even the smallest details matter.

Nutram kibbles


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