our client: Syngenta Canada

project type: creative / video

The power of simplicity

When it comes to growing canola, seed treatments are king. They are an effective way of can providing insect and disease protection, playing a key role in helping the crop reach its genetic potential. Two problem pests that can be found in a canola filed are flea beetles and cutworms. Fortenza Advanced is an easy way to rid files of these pets, and it’s the simplicity of how this product is used that the client wanted to convey to growers.

The creative campaign focused directly on the ease and simplicity of use: one brand, one solution. The brand personality is fierce, confident, and a force to be reckoned with so making a bold statement was key.

The power is all in the coating

Since the power of Fortenza Advanced lies in the blue coating, we made sure that the blue seed was the only object in color. This puts the focus on the seed and the emphasis on the difference it makes.

Fortenza creative video screenshot


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