our client: Syngenta Canada

project type: creative / video

There’s a new beast in town

Syngenta was launching a new product, Erebus Xtreme. It’s designed to be used in alternation with Traxos to help reduce herbicide resistance in wild oats and other grassy weeds. We were approached to develop the launch creative, and it needed to work with the Traxos creative that was currently in-market.

We brought Erebus Xtreme into the world of Traxos with 1980s movie poster style creative that would infill fear in the stomata of grassy and broadleaf weeds.

leave broadleaf weeds shaking in their roots

For this creative, our team played off the Traxos concept, but with a 1980’s style movie poster. We wanted to again showcase how “scary” this new product was from the perspective of tough grass and broadleaf weeds. “There’s A New Beast In Town” was a way to position Erebus Xtreme as the next step in protection following Traxos.

Erebus Extreme creative ad


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