our client: Veterinary Purchasing

project type: creative

A Veterinary Purchasing crate that has veterinary doctors and pets inside

Thinking inside the box

Over time, design trends change along with website conventions, digital technology, and accessibility requirements. It is important for companies to keep up, periodically updating, and sometimes completely refreshing their online presence.

Focus on what’s important

VP does what it does, so that veterinarians can do what they love—practice veterinary medicine. The visual highlights the key stakeholders in a typical vet clinic, the VP member, the partner veterinarian, the vet techs, and of course, the patients.

VP creative ad focus on whats important

Easy access to great services

At its core, VP is a distribution and logistics centre—and it does it well. Delivering thousands of products each and every day, ensuring Ontario’s veterinarians have what they need to treat their patients and service their customers. This visual focuses on the front-line workers and how they work hard to support the Ontario’s veterinary industry.

VP creative ad great service

Complimentary veterinary practice consultants

VP has a team of consultants ready to help its membership run its clinics more efficiently. After all, veterinarians went to vet school, not business school. This creative, shows the consultants interacting with various stakeholders around a vet clinic including veterinarians, vet techs, and business managers.

VP creative ad complimentary consultants


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