our client: Ceva Animal Health

project type: website / video

Training teams in a retail environment

Our client, Ceva Animal Health, needed something special to train inexperienced store staff. Their products are pheromones used to modify poor behaviours in pets. They can be very effective but explaining them can get a little technical.

We created a highly engaging training tool for Ceva that used short, fun interactive animations to educate teams on the main selling benefits.

Engaging characters were created to entertain sales reps while they learn about pheromones, and the new products.

Ceva web trainingtool collage_

Engaging, in-store scenarios

To better prepare sales staff for  discussions with customers and to test their knowledge retention, we created a series of scenarios that presented a problem and gave trainees the ability to select the correct answer.

Ceva in store scenarios

The importance of meaningful feedback

Even if the question was answered incorrectly, we made sure trainees knew exactly why their answer was wrong. This helped reinforce sales messaging while providing complete and accurate information helping sales staff become in-store brand ambassadors.

Ceva web feedback


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