our client: Syngenta Canada

project type: creative / video

Wild oats, brace yourselves

Syngenta wanted to refresh the creative for Traxos, a fast-acting herbicide targeting wild oats. The in-market concept was still resonating with growers, but it was time for a refresh. Our goal was to expand upon the current concept—an unseen beast breaking free from a fortified shipping crate.

The concept was pitched as advertising for a movie, made by wild oats, telling the terrifying tale of Traxos in a campy 1950s style horror movie.

coming to a field near you

For this concept our team created a 1950’s era movie poster titled “Traxos Terror”. With this concept we were able to portray just how scary Traxos is to  to wild oats. The creative  speaks to how “terrifying” Traxos can be and speaks to why wild oats should be scared once Traxos enters the picture.

Traxos Terror creative ad


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